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YARAW company works in the Turkmenian market since 1997. Its core business is supply of heavy trucks, passenger transport and specialty vehicles and also guarantee and service maintenance of this equipment.

The company is an official dealer of major machinery plants of CIS countries — Russia, the Ukraine and Belarus. Such well-known brands as URAL, GAZ, PAZ, LIAZ, KAVZ, CHTZ (LLC «UK GAZ Group»), MAZ, BELAZ, AMKODOR, ZIL, KRAZ have long ago proved themselves as producers of reliable, modern and high-quality machinery.

First Belarusian Motor Grader is Being Tested on Minsk District Roads The new generation TATRA New fork for a new lift truck JSC «AMKODOR» enlarged the range of replaceable working attachments for agricultural work with new quick-change working tool - folding fork. As a part of universal fork lift truck Amkodor 352С-02 (lifting power of 5t) the fork has passed the tests successfully at JSC «First Minsk Poultry Farm». «AutoKrAZ» 3,6 times increased its production volumes. December became the most effective month of the last year: Kremenchug Automobile Plant (the leading plant of the Holding Company «AutoKrAZ») produced 191 vehicles New cab-over trucks «URAL» «URAL» (Automobile Plant of «GAZ Group») started line assembly of basically new heavy all-wheel drive vehicle «URAL-6370».